The attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert G. Bruechert have years of experience with commercial contracting, government contracting, and contract law and principles.

It is vital that business owners have all contracts reviewed by an experienced attorney in order to ensure that they are not putting their business (or themselves) in a position that could lead to liability or costly litigation.  Business owners should be especially concerned when contracts contain clauses related to indemnity, limitations of liability, liquidated damages, personal liability, and governing law.  A business owner may unwittingly enter into an agreement that makes the owner personally responsible if there is a default.  That means the owner’s personal assets, such as bank accounts, house, cars, etc., may be accessible by the other party.  It is also vitally important that contracts dealing with the business owner’s intellectual property be reviewed by an experienced attorney.  Without such a review, a business owner may grant a license or otherwise lose the business’ rights in intellectual property.

The firm coordinates contract drafting, review, and negotiation related to operations.  This includes, but is not limited to, contracts that protect proprietary information, form teams to bid jointly, subcontract work, purchase supplies, lease equipment and property, as well as those that establish agency, marketing, and license relationships.